Bank account

Service specification

Direct to Bank methodDirect credit to bank account in EURO (EUR).
Supported beneficiary account type – individual and business.
Supported Sender type - Individual and business.
Transaction Turnaround Time- Real-time: 24x7 (within 15 minutes).
- If the transactions hit under partner screening, it might take maximum 48 hours to completed (Business hours)
- If the transaction reaches a compliance check on a non-business day, it will be processed on the next working day.
- All transactions are processed via Instant SEPA (real-time), otherwise it will be rerouted to SEPA (T+0) for beneficiary banks that do not support Instant SEPA.
Area availabilityRelated countries offered under SEPA EURO
Validation / Verification· No system validation on account available.
· The account number is using IBAN account number
Amount receivedBeneficiary received net amount as specified by Sender.
Transaction LimitMaximum per Transaction EUR 999,999
Minimum per Transaction EUR 1.00
Compliance accumulated limit EUR 45,000.00 per day per Beneficiary

Transaction will be on hold for compliance review based on the supporting document should the sender or receiver has exceeded the compliance limit.
Maximum BeneficiaryNo restriction
Service ChargeTransaction Fee will be refunded on best effort basis once the Transaction is accepted by the gloRemit® Service System and submitted by the gloRemit® Service System to the Payout Channel.
Cancellation ProcessCancellation is on best effort basis.
Remarks· Beneficiary address including Beneficiary City (bRegencyCode), and Beneficiary Postcode (bPostcode) are Mandatory Fields.
. Sender address including Sender City (sCity), and Sender Postcode (sPostcode) are Mandatory Fields.
· Sender and Beneficiary DOB are Mandatory Fields

· Registers of Participants in SEPA payment and payment related schemes | European Payments Council: > (please refer SCT Inst and SCT)

There are list of industries that might lead the transaction screening:
· Pharmacies selling copy products without proper authority approval, incl. e-pharmacies
· Pornography industry (dating pages is as such acceptable)
· Tobacco industry
· Cannabis or other drugs in any form
· Weapons in any forms, including dual-use goods.
· Atomic power
· Extractive industries
· Precious metals and stones
· Companies selling counterfeit or infringed products
· Companies selling, storing or trading in Crypto currencies
· Binary Option Traders
· Pyramid schemes in any form
· Unregulated charities
· File sharing companies
· Shell banks
Do_Transfer bAccType Value1

Supported bank

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