Bill Payment Service

Notes: For Bill Payment transactions shall NOT include in the Remittance Transaction File.

The following text file format and order sequence using pipe delimiter (|):-

Parameter NameRequiredMin / Max
transIDM6/16Numeric6 digits or more unique transaction ID from RSP.
If the same transID were used, the system will validate against the transaction details.
* The new request with DIFFERENT transaction details will be rejected with error duplicate transID, else system will respond the same as per first request.
sFirstNameM1/50AlphanumericSender’s first name.
sLastNameO1/50AlphanumericSender’s last name.
sIdTypeO1/30NumericSender Identification Type.
(Please refer to Sender)
sIdNumO8/50AlphanumericSender Identification Number.
sIdExpiryO10/10StringSender ID Expiry Date.
Date Format: MM/dd/YYYY
sContactNumO8/30NumericSender Contact Number.
Please specify in Country code + MSISDN format.
For e.g. Indonesia = 628123456789.
sEmailO1/50AlphanumericSender email address.
sCountryM2/5AlphanumericSender’s Country.
(Country value serves as identity purpose only. It has no impact on Sender or Beneficiary currency used.)
sCurrencyM3/6AlphanumericRSP Currency Code as per RSP GSVA Wallet.
Do not send as Sender currency.
(Please refer to ISO 4217 Currency Code.)
bCountryM2/5AlphanumericBiller’s Country.
bCurrencyM3/6AlphanumericBill Currency Code.
(Please refer to ISO 4217 Currency Code.)
bAmountM1/16NumericTotal amount to pay for the bill.
bIssuerCodeM3/16AlphanumericBiller Issuer Code.
(Please refer to Service Spec)
bAccNumM1/18AlphanumericBill Account Number or any other unique account identifier as determined by biller.
bBillNumO1/50AlphanumericBill Number.
bAccNameM1/30AlphanumericBill AccountName.
bStatementDateO10/10AlphanumericStatement Date.
Date Format: MM/dd/YYYY
(if no information is available, enter default value as current date)
bDueDateO10/10AlphanumericStatement Due Date.
Date Format: MM/dd/YYYY
(if no information is available, enter default value as current date)
bBillTypeO1/50AlphanumericBill Type.
(Please refer to GloRemit API Code List)
bCustomInfo1O1/50AlphanumericBill Custom Information 1.
bCustomInfo2O1/50AlphanumericBill Custom Information 2.
bCustomInfo3O1/50AlphanumericBill Custom Information 3.
bCustomInfo4O1/50AlphanumericBill Custom Information 4.
bCustomInfo5O1/50AlphanumericBill Custom Information 5.
bCustomInfo6O1/50AlphanumericBill Custom Information 6.
bCustomInfo7O1/50AlphanumericBill Custom Information 7.
bCustomInfo8O1/50AlphanumericBill Custom Information 8.
bCustomInfo9O1/50AlphanumericBill Custom Information 9.
bCustomInfo10O1/50AlphanumericBill Custom Information 10.
sOriginCountry O2/2AlphanumericOrigin Country of the fund.
Accept ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 or Alpha-3 ONLY
(Please refer to ISO 3166 Country Code)

M= Mandatory, C= Conditional, O= Optional

The usual Bill Payment Transaction batch file format that Tranglo accepts is in .txt format and in order sequence using pipe delimiter ( | ), each transaction must start with new line.

Recommend file name format as DealerName + YYMMDD + XXX (XXX as sequence number with 0 left pad always with 3 lengths, start from 1 for every day, EG: 001).