GloRemit is an international money transfer hub systems that allows MTO, RSP or E-RSP (Partners) to perform remittance operations or bill payments from one country to another country. Partners shall comply with GloRemit API technical specification and development parameters to use GloRemit. With GloRemit, Partners can easily send money or pay bills to relevant Beneficiary or billers in supported country in real-time manners.

Integration Procedure

Partners need to clear a set of procedures and test before live transaction can be conducted. GloRemit will cooperate with Partners or E-Partners to complete the following defined tasks.

Technical/Commercial Contact and System Documentation

Partner’s documentation with following details

  • At least two(2) Technical person and two(2) Commercial person contact information
  • Partners System specification
  • Partners AMLA and KYC compliance/procedure

Network Infrastructure Preparation and Readiness

Partners must prepare internet connection and VPN link to GloRemit systems. Partners shall fully bear the installation effort and cost of such network link according to the standard defined by GloRemit.

Network Link Test

When server/equipment and network infrastructure is ready, a series of network connectivity, network latency and network uptime test will be carried out to ensure uninterrupted access link.

Concept Overview

  • All Partners using the GloRemit API will be assigned with a Tranglo Partner e-wallet Account with USER ID and Password.
  • Tranglo will accept Partners system request and deduct e-wallet for every successful remittance or bill payment operation. A successful remittance or bill payment means the fund and information is accepted by GloRemit AMLA/KYC policy and successfully sent from Sender Partner to the Beneficiary Partner or Banks within the agreed duration.
  • Tranglo shall notify the transaction status either in asynchronous or synchronous manners dependent the Beneficiary Partner channel. All transaction is reconciled automatically with corresponding GloRemit Transaction Number (GTN).
  • Transaction that failed to reconciled will be automatically be considered as a Dispute transaction.
  • Tranglo will not execute remittance operation if e-wallet falls below the agreed minimum threshold.
  • Partners are expected to top up the e-wallet when the balance falls below the agreed minimum threshold to ensure smooth operation and minimum disruption.

Technical Overview