Tranglo APIs allow you to integrate with our payment network as seamlessly as possible. GloRemit, our proprietary master system, allows you to perform pre-checks to ensure every transaction is routed to the correct beneficiary through your preferred corridor.


Why not both? With Tranglo APIs, you can push transfer instructions, get FX rates, validate bank IDs, as well as get a list of all supported banks and agents. Monitor global watch lists with Get_Watchlist API that connects to our compliance system.


Our APIs are built to attend to specific needs. To trigger them correctly or to perform adequate testing, speak to us to make sure you have the necessary permission.

However, some things in life are free. If you need to get a list of all supported financial instructions, use Get_List. To retrieve forex rates, our Get_Forex has variable parameters that draw down the quotes for you.


Resources for all Tranglo tech and services.

  • SOAP and REST APIs

    Set it up yourself with our guides and start testing.

  • Service specification

    The most comprehensive list of supported corridors, accepted payment methods and transaction limits.

  • Help is just a click away

    Need more information? Contact our tech experts now for a virtual walkthrough.

Choose what you need

Integration made easy.

Tranglo Connect

Seamless connection to multiple payment channels for your customers to send funds home.

Tranglo Business

Fully integrated cross-border payments for corporates.

Tranglo Recharge

Single interface solution for worldwide airtime top-up, mobile recharge.

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