General FAQ

  1. How do I get the staging API credential?
    Register to our TPN Portal

  2. My staging API credential is missing. What should I do?
    You may generate new staging credential via TPN Portal

  3. What is airtime staging API URL?

  4. Any whitelisted IP to access to airtime staging API?

  5. What is Airtime API format?
    Partner system can integrate with the API by using WSDL or SOAP messages.

  6. What are the products that eligible to us?
    You may check via TPN for product offered under Product - Price List

  7. Where is the product description or label?
    Via TPN portal,

  8. Request_Reload and Request_ReloadSync seems to be use for mobile reload, other products such as utilities bill shall use the same API?
    Yes, for utilities just use same method as mobile reload. You may refer the IAT Gift API Parameter Specification.

  9. Is there any reversal/callback API?
    Just provide us your URL callback & will configure at our end.

  10. What is the cutoff time at end of day?
    No cut off time for mobile topup.

  11. How to reconcile transaction of the day?
    You may check the report via TPN portal -

  12. What is Alfamart voucher?
    Alfamart is shopping voucher. Target number will receive the voucher code and can redeem in Alfamart Shop in Indonesia.

  13. What is HLR Lookup?
    HLR Lookup is a process to retrive the information on current telco operator that an end user utilizing if there's a MNP for that mobile number.

  14. What is Indonesia PLN and how the recharge works?
    Indonesia's Electricity Account (Prepaid). Target number will receive the PLN token. She/He will key in the token code into the electric terminal in their home to recharge the prepaid PLN account.

  15. What's the different between country prefix and operator prefix
    Country prefix is classified country calling code while telco prefix is first set of digits after the country, and area codes of a telephone number. Eg:
    Malaysia Country prefix : +60
    Telco Country prefix : 12,19,16,10,111

  16. What is the process if any dispute?
    You can email to with transaction details

  17. How will the deduction of the amount will occur between Partner & Tranglo?
    First, need to prefund your wallet by doing TT to Tranglo bank account. Once payment receive, our Sales Operation will top up Partner's e-wallet in Tranglo system.
    Then subsequent when send topup request to our api, we will deduct the product price from Partner's e-wallet. If the top up transaction is failed, then system will immediate refund the product price to Partner's e-wallet.

  18. How frequent Tranglo update the product Price?
    We usually change the pricing once a month and you will receive 3 days advance notification on the new price list via email. Full product price list will be attached in the price announcement email.

  19. Any low balance alert?
    Yes. Will notify via email

  20. Any transaction limit?
    It is open till you consume all your balance.