API Function and Scope 

gloTransfer API serve as an service interface for Partner to access to Tranglo transactional hub system that offers mobile airtime recharge to more than 300 mobile operators in the world, gift vouchers such as shopping voucher for convenient store and pharmacy, prepaid electricity recharge, mobile data recharge, utilities bill payment and so on. gloTransfer API process recharge request 24/7 and transaction is processed in real-time. The API also compliment with an online portal solution that offer real time transactional report and analytic report to partner. 

Partner system can integrate with the API by using WSDL or SOAP messages. The API offer various functions and methods which the details can be found at the later part of this document. The API also support both Synchronous and Asynchronous communication mode and is up to partner preferences over which communication mode. 

API Service Flow - Asynchronous 

  1. Partner send transaction request to Tranglo through method Request_Reload 
  2. Tranglo acknowledge receipt on the request once verified the parameters submitted by partner. Status code 968 will be returned to partner once Tranglo acknowledged the transaction. 
  3. Tranglo notify the confirmed transaction status once transaction is processed by receiving partner system, by sending the transaction details to a status call-back URL hosted on Partner system. 
  4. Partner can also use Transaction_Enquiry method to check transaction status (optional) 
  5. Partner can also initiate server warm-up or keep-alive by request to method Ping from time to time. 

API Service Flow - Synchronous 

  1. Partner send transaction request to Tranglo through method Request_ReloadSync 
  2. Tranglo verify the parameters and forward to receiving partner to process the recharge request. API session is on waiting state to wait for the recharge request to be completed. Once the recharge request is processed, API will return response back to partner. In case of the recharge request cannot be completed within 120 seconds, Tranglo will response with status coded 968 – Transaction is Pending. 
  3. TP can use Transaction_Enquiry method to check transaction status if received status code 968 from the API. 
  4. TP can initiate server warm-up or keep-alive with SOAP Method Ping from time to time 

API URL : Staging

Type Link 
URL http://project.tranglo.com:88/API/GloReload.svc 
WSDL http://project.tranglo.com:88/API/GloReload.svc?wsdl 

API URL : Production

Type Link 
URL https://api-glotransfer.tranglo.com:9001/API/Gloreload.svc 
WSDL https://api-glotransfer.tranglo.com:9001/API/GloReload.svc/soap?wsdl