Request_Reload Status Callback 

This is the method where Partner required to host a status receiver URL on their server to receive the status callback from Tranglo once the transaction is processed. Tranglo will post the final status of the transaction to Partner, the status will be either Success or Fail. 

Tranglo will use HTTP POST to send the status callback to Partner. Please make sure the status receiver page is able to ready the posted parameters using HTTP POST method. 

Upon successfully received the status callback from Tranglo, partner is required to acknowledge back by return HTTP 200. Tranglo will resend again the status callback after sometime when we not received the acknowledge HTTP 200 with maximum retry of 3 times. 

Post Parameter 

No Parameter Name Parameter 
Data Type
Parameter Data
status String 000 The status of transaction request. Please see the response code list below
transID String 123456789 The same transaction ID from Partner system that submitted to Request_Reload or Request_ReloadSync method earlier.
serialNo String 9012-01312-SY Transaction reference number that generated by the mobile operator or recipient biller system.
refID String 780131012310 Transaction ID from generated by Tranglo 
destNo String 8801712345678 The receiver mobile number 
prodCode String GP The Product code of the transaction