This method will returns the price of a single product. 

Request Parameters 

No. Parameter Name Mandatory/
Data Type 
Sample Parameter Description 
Credentials.UID String partner_api The API user ID that assigned to partner.
Credentials.PWD String m8tA24bW The API password that assigned to partner.
Credentials.Signature String e0ea4fc301155
The digital signature that hashed with MD5 algorithm. Please refer section “Appendix: Digital Signature Hashing Algorithm” to hashing reference.
DealerTransactionId String 12345678 The unique transaction ID from partner system.
OperatorCode String AK The code of the operator that you want to query the denomination list.
ProductDenomination Decimal 50 The denomination of the product 

Sample Request 

1  <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" 
2   xmlns:tem="" 
3   xmlns:tran="" 
4   xmlns:tran1=""> 
5     <soapenv:Header/> 
6     <soapenv:Body> 
7      <tem:Product_Price_Enquiry> 
8      <tem:ppInqReq> 
9       <tran:DealerTransactionId>101010</tran:DealerTransactionId> 
10        <tran:ProdOperatorCode>AK</tran:ProdOperatorCode> 
11        <tran:ProductDenomination>50</tran:ProductDenomination> 
12        <tran:credential> 
13        <tran1:UID>partner_api</tran1:UID> 
14        <tran1:PWD>m8tA24bW</tran1:PWD> 
15        <tran1:Signature>bea2629be8bd17f64c61be6e7afca7be</tran1:Signature> 
16      </tran:credential> 
17     </tem:ppInqReq> 
18    </tem:Product_Price_Enquiry> 
19   </soapenv:Body> 
20  </soapenv:Envelope>  

Response Parameters 

No. Parameter Name Parameter Sample Description 
Status.Code String 000 The status code of the request. 
Status.Description String Transaction is SuccessfulThe description of the status code. 
Status.Type String Approved The category of the status code. There is 3 different Type – Approved, Error,and Pending.
ProdOperatorCode String Bangladesh The code of the operator. 
Denomination String Bangladesh 
Robi Axiata
The denomination of the product. 
PriceCurrency String AK The currency of the product price. 
ProductPrice String BDT The product price. 

Sample Response 

<s:Envelope xmlns:s=""> <s:Body> 
 <Product_Price_EnquiryResponse xmlns="">   
   <a:Status xmlns:b="">   
    <b:Description>Transaction is Successful</b:Description>