Partner send request to this method to initiate airtime recharge or send gift transaction. When the request is accepted, system will respond with status code 001 and it means the transaction is accepted. Status code 968 is not the final status code yet. Once the transaction is processed by receiving partner, System will send the final status code of the transaction to an URL hosted on partner system. Partner can also query the transaction status using method “Transaction_Enquiry”. 

Request Parameters 

No. Parameter NameMandatory/
Data Type 
Sample Parameter 
DealerTransactionIdString 0a792511-
The unique transaction ID from partner system. It will be used by partner to identify the submitted transaction
SourceNo O (Please put zero if not available)String 134899081
The sender mobile number in
international dialing format (without the leading ‘+’ or ‘00’).
DestNo String 639129001
The receiver mobile number in international dialing format (without the leading ‘+’ or ‘00’).
OperatorCode String SM The API product code for the product that partner want to recharge using this API. Can leave blank and API will automatically detect the right OperatorCode for you.
Denomination Decimal 500 The product’s recharge amount/denomination. API can accept the recharge amount in the 2 different currency as:-
1) Local currency of the Product. (the value of denomination will be in PHP if the recharge product is a Philippines’s product)
2) Currency of the partner e-wallet in Tranglo system. If e-wallet currency is in USD, partner can request are charge amount in USD value. System will automatically convert the USD amount into equivalent recharge denomination in local currency of the product.
If partner want to send the
denomination in the currency of e-wallet, please set “True” for the parameter “ByAmount” below.
ByAmount Boolean False Please set to “True” if want to send the denomination in the price of e- wallet currency, eg: USD 2.50. 
Credentials.UID String partner_api The API user ID that assigned to partner.
Credentials.PWD String m8tA24bW The API password that assigned to partner.
Credentials.Signature String e0ea4fc301
The digital signature that hashed with MD5 algorithm. Please refer section “Appendix: Digital Signature Hashing Algorithm” to hashing reference.

Sample Request 

1  <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" 
2  xmlns:tem="" 
3  xmlns:tran="" 
4  xmlns:tran1=""> 
5   <soapenv:Header/> 
6   <soapenv:Body> 
7    <tem:Request_Reload> 
8     <tem:epinReq> 
9      <tran:DealerTransactionId>0a792511-5f1a-4705-9381-
10     <tran:SourceNo>1348990812912</tran:SourceNo> 
11     <tran:DestNo>639129001213</tran:DestNo> 
12     <tran:OperatorCode>SM</tran:OperatorCode> 
13     <tran:Denomination>500</tran: Denomination> 
14     <tran:ByAmount>false</tran:ByAmount> 
15     <tran:Credentials> 
16      <tran1:UID>partner_api</tran1:UID> 
17      <tran1:PWD>m8tA24bW</tran1:PWD> 
18      <tran1:Signature>e0ea4fc3011552e6f799a447e72f9341</tran1:Signature>  
19     </tran:Credentials> 
20    </tem:epinReq> 
21   </tem:Request_Reload> 
22  </soapenv:Body> 
23 </soapenv:Envelope>  

Response Parameters 

No. Parameter Name Parameter 
Data Type
Status.Code String 968 The status code of the submitted 
Status.Description String Transaction 
The description of the status code. 
Status.Type String Pending The category of the status code. There is 3 different Type – Approved, Error, and Pending.
WalletCurrency String USD ISO 4217 Currency code of the partner’s e-wallet currency in Tranglo system.
ProductPrice Decimal 2.50 The price of the requested product that Tranglo deducted from partner’s e-wallet.
AmountCurrency String PHP The currency of the requested product. 
AmountAfterTax Decimal 500 Recharge amount received on recipient number after local tax deduction (if any)
TrangloTransactionID String 1234567890 Unique Transaction ID generated by Tranglo system.
10 OperatorCode String SM The API product code. 
11 Denomination Decimal 500 The product’s recharge amount/denomination.
12 OperatorTransactionID String R332533770 Transaction reference number that generated by the mobile operator or recipient biller system.

Sample Response 

1  <s:Envelope xmlns:s=""> 
2   <s:Body> 
3    <Request_ReloadResponse xmlns=""> <Request_ReloadResult 
4     xmlns:a=""
5     xmlns:i=""> 
6     <a:Status 
7      <b:Code>968</b:Code> 
8      <b:Description>Transaction Pending </b:Description> 
9      <b:Type>Pending</b:Type> 
10     </a:Status> 
11      <a:WalletCurrency>USD</ a:WalletCurrency> 
12      <a:ProductPrice>0</a:ProductPrice>   
13      <a:AmountCurrency>PHP</ a:AmountCurrency> 
14      <a:AmountAfterTax>500</a:AmountAfterTax>  
15      <a:TrangloTransactionId>1234567890</a:TrangloTransactionId>  
16      <a:OperatorCode>SM</a:OperatorCode> 
17      <a:Denomination>500</a:Denomination> 
18      <a:OperatorTransactionID>R332533770</ a:OperatorTransactionID> 
19     </Request_ReloadResult> 
20    </Request_ReloadResponse> 
21   </s:Body> 
22  </s:Envelope>