Partner can use this method to query the status of a transaction in detail. If partner received status code 968 – Transaction Pending, it means transaction is still in processing on the recipient mobile operator side, and partner is required to send again Transaction_Enquiry_Details some time later. 

Request Parameters 

No. Parameter Name Mandatory/
Data Type 
Sample Parameter
Credentials.UID String partner_api The API user ID that assigned to partner.
Credentials.PWD String m8tA24bW The API password that assigned to partner.
Credentials.Signature String e0ea4fc301155 
The digital signature that hashed with MD5 algorithm. Please refer section “Appendix: Digital Signature Hashing Algorithm” to hashing reference.
TrangloTransactionID M/O String 170116173052788 Unique Transaction ID generated by Tranglo system on the response of Request_Reload/Request_ReloadS
ync. Partner can choose to use this transaction ID or DealerTransactionID to query the transaction.
DealerTransactionID M/O String 0a792511-5f1a-4705- 9381-b628992b1a2d The unique transaction ID from  partner system that submitted to
method Request_Reload/Request_ReloadS
ync earlier. Partner can choose to use this transaction ID or the TrangloTransactionID to query the transaction.

Sample Request 

1  <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" 
2   xmlns:tem="" 
3   xmlns:tran="" 
4   xmlns:tran1=""> 
5   <soapenv:Header/> 
6   <soapenv:Body> 
7    <tem:Transaction_Enquiry_Details> 
8     <tem:req> 
9      <tran:credential> 
10      <tran1:UID>partner_api</tran1:UID> 
11      <tran1:PWD>m8tA24bW</tran1:PWD> 
12      <tran1:Signature>e0ea4fc3011552e6f799a447e72f9341</tran1:Signature> 
13     </tran:credential> 
14     <tran:TrangloTransactionId>170116173052788</tran:TrangloTransactionId> 
15     <tran:DealerTransactionId>0a792511-5f1a-4705-9381-b628992b1a2d 
16     </tran:DealerTransactionId> 
17    </tem:req> 
18   </tem:Transaction_Enquiry_Details> 
19  </soapenv:Body> 
20 </soapenv:Envelope>  

Response Parameters 

No. Parameter Name Parameter
Data Type 
TrangloTransactionID String 17011617305
Unique Transaction ID generated by Tranglo system on the response of
DealerTransactionID String 0a792511-5f1a- 
The unique transaction ID from partner system that submitted to method Request_Reload/Request_ReloadSync earlier.
DealerTransactionStatus.Code String 994 The status code of the transaction. 
DealerTransactionStatus.Description String Transaction 
Rejected by Telco
The description of the status code. 
DealerTransactionStatus.Type String Declined The category of the status code. There is 3 different Type – Approved, Error, and Pending.
OperatorTransactionID String R332533770 Transaction reference number that generated by the mobile operator or recipient biller system.
DestNo String 962000000000 The receiver phone number 
ProdCode String JO_OR_3 The code that represent the product. 
It is just for reference only.
WalletCurrency String MYR The currency of Dealer’s wallet 
10 ProductPrice String 25.2600000000 The Price of product purchased 
11 AmountCurrency String JOD The receiver product’s currency 
12 AmountAfterTax String 3.0000000000 The amount receiver will get after tax 

Sample Response 

1  <s:Envelope xmlns:s="" 
2   xmlns:a=""> 
3   <s:Header> 
4   <a:Actions:mustUnderstand="1">
6   </a:Action> 
7   </s:Header> 
8   <s:Body> 
9     <Transaction_Enquiry_DetailsResponse xmlns="">   
10    <Transaction_Enquiry_DetailsResult 
11    xmlns:b=""   
12    xmlns:i=""> 
13    <b:TrangloTransactionId/> 
14    <b:DealerTransactionId/> 
15    <b:DealerTransactionStatus 
16     xmlns:c=""> 
17      <c:Code>994</c:Code> 
18      <c:Description>Transaction rejected by telco</c:Description>     
19      <c:Type>Declined</c:Type> 
20     </b:DealerTransactionStatus> 
21     <b:OperatorTransactionId> R332533770</a:OperatorTransactionId>   
22     <b:DestNo>962000000000</b:DestNo> <b:ProdCode>JO_OR_3</b:ProdCode> 
23     <b:WalletCurrency>MYR</b:WalletCurrency> 
24     <b:ProductPrice>25.2600000000</b:ProductPrice> 
25     <b:AmountCurrency>JOD</b:AmountCurrency> 
26     <b:AmountAfterTax>3.0000000000</b:AmountAfterTax> 
27    </Transaction_Enquiry_DetailsResult> 
28   </Transaction_Enquiry_DetailsResponse> 
29  </s:Body> 
30 </s:Envelope>