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Mobile payment at your fingertips with the widest network for airtime top-ups and mobile credit.

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  • Support 2,500 mobile network operators worldwide. Never let your customers run out of options.

  • Quick API and web portal setup. Get going in a matter of clicks.

  • 24/7 support. Get help anytime, anywhere.


"With mRemit, customers need not queue for hours at traditional over-the-counter remittance outlets." SingTel’s vice president of consumer marketing

Learn how Tranglo helped Singapore’s leading telco launch Singapore’s first mobile money transfer, connecting users to Philippines, Indonesia and India with a few clicks of the mobile phone.

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Complete optionality

Seamless integration and onboarding process. We have a dedicated support team to guide you from start to finish.

Airtime top-up

Imagine customers asking for a top-up from a country you don’t yet support. Imagine turning them down. Imagine not being able to send mobile credit back home to their loved ones. With Tranglo, you don’t need to imagine those scenarios. Easier and faster cross-border airtime/data reloads that satisfy your customers’ needs.

Bill payment

We also let your customers use or send airtime credit to pay bills in their home countries at their convenience.

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