Because tone and manner convey identity

Tranglo promotes genuine and meaningful connections between people. Our images must reflect and complement the honesty present in the brand. As Tranglo believes in limitless possibilities, our images should be progressive and optimistic in nature. We do not encourage the usage of images with an obvious marketing push. Always use relevant images.

Brand voice

As a global brand, Tranglo strives for global appeal. We want our tone and manner to be consistent to create an instantly recognisable brand identity that resonates with our target audience.

Tone and manner

  • Direct

    Our brand vision is deceptively simple - make cross-border payments accessible to all. We keep our content relevant with the use of industry keywords to appeal to a wide range of audience while staying as focus on our core channels as possible. We love action verbs. We use an active voice to convey confidence.

  • Authentic

    Our content must be authentic to convey reliability. We don't use data that is not verified. We choose the safer option.

  • Positive

    Tranglo believes in a brand that focuses on our excellence and our contributions to the society. Our content must never be demeaning or paint others/competitors in a negative light.

House style

Generally, Tranglo follows the British spelling.

2 additional “rules” that we want to highlight are:

  • Use sentence case, except for taglines, proper nouns or official names like Bridging Borders, London, you get the idea.
  • Use numerals. Example: “9 countries” instead of “Nine countries”.