How Tranglo's and REDtone are exponentially growing e-remittance possibilities

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How Tranglo's and REDtone are exponentially growing e-remittance possibilities
Tranglo thrives on expanding the possibilities of partnerships to create greater access of e-remittance options to the everyday consumer. In the area of digital gifting, the possibilities are endless with different methods of on-ground execution, in accordance to a region’s structural allowances and demand. This case study highlights two ways in which a collaboration with REDtone (Malaysia) has expanded the value-added solutions offered by businesses like; Alfamart (a retail store chain with over 10,300 stores in Indonesia) and Perusahaan Listrik Negara, PLN (Indonesia’s National Electric Company).
HY Sia, director of Tranglo shared "The e-gifting enables Redtone subscriber to send practical and useful items instantly. Recipient can receive their daily needs easily with this service. Tranglo currently supports prepaid gifting on utility (electricity, water, Internet), entertainment (prepaid TV, games) and gift voucher."
Create value-added e-remittance & digital gifting solutions across multiple industries with Tranglo’s extensive network of >400 banks, 7,000 cash pickup outlets, >250 mobile operators & >11,000 retail points. Contact us to learn more.

About REDtone

REDtone International Bhd is an integrated telecommunications service provider catering to niche market segments. A subsidiary of Berjaya Corporation Bhd, REDtone was listed on Bursa Malaysia in 2004. A well respected home-grown brand founded in 1996, REDtone has evolved from a voice provider to one that offers an extensive range of services from telecommunications to mobile services. REDtone holds licenses for Network Facilities Provider (NFP), Network Service Provider (NSP), Applications Services Provider (ASP), LTE (4G), WiMAX and Satellite services. To date, REDtone has presence with technical and after sales support team in all major Malaysian cities in, and has an international workforce of more than 300 dedicated employees. Source:

How Does It Work

Alfamart E-Pin Redemption

Redtone user can send Alfamart gift voucher via RingIndo. The Recipient in Indonesia will receive an electronic pin (e-pin) via SMS, redemmable at any of the 10,000 store outlets in Indonesia. Receipinet can pay for the purchases with e-pin to Alfamart Cashier. If the purchase value exceeds that of the e-pin purchased or gifted, the beneficiary simply tops up the payment on the spot with cash.
With pre-paid electricity, every customer can control their own electricity usage comfortably. Similar to a phone reload system, in this case a 20-digit token number in generated on purchase. The purchase is done in real-time, and the beneficiary receives a PLN token via SMS in return. A prepaid top up token can be purchased or gifted in the following denominations of Rp20,000, Rp50,000, or Rp100,000. The beneficiary then inserts the unique pin into a specially made kWh Meter for a prepaid electricity top-up. Through this meter, the beneficiary can also access account history information related to:
  • the amount of electrical energy (kWh) that is being is entered,
  • the remaining amount of electrical energy,
  • the amount of electrical energy that is being used at this time (real-time), and
  • the amount of electrical energy (kWh) which has already been used.
The meter signals the user when prepaid energy levels are low.

The Big Picture

Purchasing & Gifting Everyday Groceries with the Alfamart E-Pin Redemption Alfamart is currently one of the Indonesia leading retailers, serving more than 3.0 million customers daily, with approximately 10,300 stores across Indonesia. Alfamart provides affordable prices, high quality basic daily needs with friendly services, clean and comfortable shopping atmosphere which is easily accessible. With more than 70,000 employees, Alfamart is one of the largest employers in Indonesia. Source: Alfamart is an essentially a community store, with strongly engrained CSR values evident in all of its activities. By offering the e-pin option, consumers now have the opportunity to stay better connected in the everyday lives of friends and loved ones through the simple gesture of gifting what could be considered as e-cash vouchers, redeemable in any Alfamart store.

Purchasing & Gifting PLN Prepaid Electricity Top-up with Phone Credit

Disruption of electrical service is common in Indonesia, particularly when it rains as the tropical storms can cause broken connections, broken cables or debris falling onto the power lines. In addition, the non-payment of electric bills by individuals, factories, and even city governments is common. PLN had had to find innovative ways to ensure that customers have access to a myriad of methods to not only top-up the prepaid payment system in place, but to also feel like they have control over their electricity consumption. The offer of prepaid top up through a single SMS in real-time has eased the lives of many. If a customer’s prepaid credit becomes exhausted, the electricity is automatically cut off, making this solution a crucial gifting opportunity. This collaboration with REDtone and Tranglo has made the convenience of assisting friends and loved ones across borders through a simple SMS.

Digital Gifts by Tranglo

Explore and create new service solutions using Tranglo’s money remittance, and prepaid reload networks across 82 countries. The era of digital gifting is here and is ever-evolving, partner with Tranglo to discover limitless possibilities.

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